Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)

3D Model Documentation


Siemens’ PMI solution facilitates a comprehensive 3D annotation environment that allows product teams to capture and associate a component’s manufacturing requirements directly to the 3D model, as well as convey this information to downstream manufacturing applications. By associating PMI with a “living” part, the environment facilitates information re-use throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, since PMI complies with industry standards for 3D product definition, product teams now have the ability to use 3D models as a sanctioned and legitimate method for fully documenting product and manufacturing information.


  • Enhances and shortens the design cycle by enabling product teams to incorporate product and process information during the design phase, thereby facilitating better communications, fewer errors, streamlined design/ manufacturing processes and faster change management
  • Accelerates decision making by enabling product teams to remove drawings from the supplier communication chain and replacing that information with persistent, associated 3D product data that can be deployed across multiple lifecycle processes and used anywhere.


  • Comprehensive set of 3D annotation tools for capturing dimension, tolerance and product definition and manufacturing information
  • The same highly productive user interface as all other NX modules, including Drafting – requires no significant learning curve to begin using the application
  • Fully re-usable in NX Drafting; viewable in JT data format-enabled viewers and integrated with Siemens’ validation tools
  • Full API coverage provided for all PMI features via JT, PLMXML and the NX Open APIs