NX Aerospace Sheet Metal Software

Aerospace and Product Engineering

The commercial aircraft industry is facing serious business downturns driven by complex issues affecting its key customers. Today, the ability to coordinate and synchronize a dispersed product development environment is the key to competitiveness and long-term success The aggressive cost, schedule and performance goals of modern aerospace programs place a premium on achieving greater productivity. With shorter development cycles and faster manufacturing and assembly times, aerospace companies must optimize product development for efficiency, leveraging advanced technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing. Together with all these aggressive goals of modern aerospace programs, every successful company has a risk to delay its product delivery, or even worse, cancel customer orders. With NX Aerospace Sheet Metal, Boğaziçi Yazılım as the Turkey distributor of Siemens PLM Software, offers capabilities and technology to accelerate aerospace and product engineering.

NX Aerospace Sheet Metal Software

NX™ Aerospace Sheet Metal software is an advantageous solution for aerospace engineers because it provides a focused environment for modeling the most common types of sheet metal parts in airframes. Aerospace-specific features such as joggles and flanges built to associated mold line surfaces are provided. The focused modeling environment supports a streamlined workflow by providing easy access to all required features. Once a part is created, it can be automatically unformed to easily create flat patterns that follow aerospace drawing standards. Airframe parts can be modeled and modified in a fraction of the time previously necessary.

Basic functionality

NX Aerospace Sheet Metal was first introduced to the users in NX4. NX Aerospace Sheet Metal is an NX modeling application that provides a focused user environment for designing the most common types of sheet metal parts found in an airframe. These parts include the support ribs and brackets that are attached to outer and inner mold line surfaces as well as other internal airframe structures. These nonlinear sheet metal airframe parts are usually hydro-pressed or break formed. NX Aerospace Sheet Metal takes the same approach as NX Sheet Metal to provide the user with an optimized environment for designing sheet metal parts. Default values based on company and industry standards define common sheet metal parameters such as bend radii, neutral factors and material thickness.

Given the large number of sheet metal parts in a typical airframe, NX Aerospace Sheet Metal helps companies realize significant cost savings and reduced design time. NX Aerospace Sheet Metal extends NX Sheet Metal design capabilities by also providing aerospace-specific features.

NX Aerospace Sheet Metal Software provides massive time savings when compared to modeling with non-aerospace features. Aerospace Sheet Metal flat patterns can conform to many more different customer needs. It also simplifies the user interaction by allowing users to select needed values from a list rather than keying them in and it supports manufacturing process with the ability to create a larger set of aerospace sheet metal parts.