NX Turbo Machinery Milling Module

A Brief Overview to Aerospace and Defense Industry

The aerospace and defense industry (A&D) is expected to experience continued growth in most segments for the foreseeable future. However, aerospace and defense programs are becoming increasingly complex to execute. Aerospace and defense companies compete in a global marketplace and execute programs with multiple partners and suppliers. To be successful in this environment they must demonstrate their ability to execute programs across the extended organization, delivering products that meet scheduling and budget requirements. Programs often fail due to late discovery of design and manufacturing issues when it is most costly and time consuming to implement changes. This makes it difficult for A&D companies to launch products on time and accurately. To summarize briefly, the biggest challenge today whether it is a commercial program or a government contract, is to deliver a product that meets all the technical and performance requirements at cost or on schedule.

So what is the solution for aerospace and defense industry considering all these challenges?

A Functional Module That Provides Flexibility and Faster Programming

Boğaziçi Yazılım as the Turkey distributor of Siemens PLM Software, offers Turbomachinery Milling Module which simplifies the NC programming process for machining complex 5-axis multi- bladed rotational parts, such as blisks and impellers for areo-engines. A key objective of NX Turbomachinery is to allow users to do complex programming as easily as possible. The idea is to simply select the geometry and tell the software the kinds of blades you are interested in and the operation you need. You then press the ‘go’ button and the system will come back with completely gouge-free, collision-free tool paths for the entire component with no further editing or modifications required. With generic software it would probably take hours to generate a tool path just between two blades with a splitter. With NX Turbomachinery Milling it takes about 2 minutes. Therefore NX Turbomachinery Milling Module prevents time consuming for the users in A&D sector and enables them to meet their scheduling targets.

Another issue for users in A&D sector is they tend to do things differently which means they need to have the flexibility to work the way they want. So the idea with NX Turbomachinery Milling is to keep the blade machining module as flexible as possible. There are some CAM software applications where you can only machine between the blades as long as the blades are straight. If the blades curve from the shroud to the hub, the system won’t be able to machine them. There are no such restrictions in NX CAM software that is totally focused on the machining of turbomachinery components. With the flexibility provided by NX Turbo Machinery Milling users also can accurately plan on time project launces and communicate effectively with the shop floor. In addition users can estimate the effects operational costs which significantly improves production processes.

To summarize it, the advantages of NX Turbo Machinery Milling Module empowers aerospace and defense companies to pursue and execute programs successfully. Aerospace and defense companies can validate systems during the design stage, thereby significantly improving program profitability and reputation.