NX For Manufacturing Engineering

When it comes to manufacturing engineering and production, there are all manner of specialisms, niches and requirements that need to be addressed. With the NX platform the whole really is more than the sum of its parts.

As a product development system, NX is a giant. From basic part design and assembly creation to simulation and into the realms of production preparation with tooling design and machine toolpath creation, it has a wide range of tools to suit almost everyone involved in product development. At its very core, the NX design system allows the user to create digital models of products under development. However, in addition to the model being geometrically accurate, it can also include sophisticated information about how it behaves structurally (using analysis tools), how it behaves in use (using kinematic simulation), how it should be produced (using a wealth of tooling and CAM tools), what tolerances it should be made (stored using Product Manufacturing Information – PMI) and how it should be installed, serviced and maintained. Bringing all of this together in a single modular platform has many advantages and adds real value to the downstream manufacturing process. So let’s take a look at the advantages this brings and the cornerstones of the NX Manufacturing suite.