Our Principles

Boğaziçi Yazılım always aims to work respectfully with its employees, customers, suppliers and dealers aligned with the law. The following substances reveal Boğaziçi Yazılım’s commitments on these issues:


To be the best is our ultimate mission.

Focus on Customer

The Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 priority.

Focus on Employee

We believe that our most important asset is our employee satisfaction.


Our key objective is to create sustainable resources with smart innovation solutions for permanent development.

Forced Labour

At Boğaziçi Yazılım, no one works as forced. Each employee works on a voluntary basis and for a fee. Nobody works for free or for debt. Employees can stop working at any time

Child Labor

Employees at Boğaziçi Yazılım must be at least 18 years old.

Salary and Fringe Benefits

We commit to comply with all the laws and regulations for salary. Nobody is paid under minimum legal salary.

Working hour

Employees at Boğaziçi Yazılım work 45 hours a week in accordance with the law. Saturdays and Sundays are used as weekend holidays.


Within Boğaziçi Yazılım, all employees are recognized as equal regardless of race, color, age, nationality, gender, ethnicity, marital status, political advocacy, pregnancy, disability. These and similar criteria can’t be a factor in the choice of employee selection.

Respect and Dignity

Boğaziçi Yazılım shows the same respect to all employees. Never applies punishment, violence and physical coercion. Coercion against the employee in any way, abusement and harassment never be applied.

Freedom of Union and Communication

Within Boğaziçi Yazılım, employees can share the problems directly with the management. For this, written and oral routes are always open. The communication between management and employees are always depends on trust. Boğaziçi Yazılım respects employees’ legitimate rights for organization and being a member of a union .

Health and Safety

Employees’ health and safety are important for Boğaziçi Yazılım. Boğaziçi Yazılım provides a healthy and safe working environment as specified in laws and regulations . Work Safety, chemical safety, ergonomic situation shall be considered as equal to all employees.

Environmental Protection

Boğaziçi Yazılım respects all applicable laws and regulations on environmental protection. For the minimum paper waste, we reuse and collect paper and other materials for recycling.

Laws, Regulations and Other Legal Requirements

Boğaziçi Yazılım works fully complient with The laws of the Republic of Turkey, regulations, and all legal requirements.

Ethical Conduct

Boğaziçi Yazılım implements the highest level of ethical standards in all its dealings. Definitily stops away bribery and illegal business relationships.