NX 12

Unleash your innovation with the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions

Building on its legacy of best-in-class customer deployment readiness and data preservation, NX 12 delivers the next generation of design, simulation and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin in the end-to-end process. Unleash your innovation with the only open and integrated multidisciplinary platform.

NX 12 for Design

The next generation design platform combines tools for multidisciplinary, generative, and design for additive manufacturing.

Next generation design for the age of disruptive innovation

NX 12 for Design builds on the breakthrough technology of previous releases to deliver a set of refined tools that will help you take innovation to the next level. NX 12 combines solutions for multidisciplinary, generative, and design for additive manufacturing with best-in-class data preservation and deployment readiness, making NX the design tool of choice.

Multidisciplinary Design

NX 12, closely integrated with Mentor Graphics, provides a direct connection between the design of electrical and mechanical systems.

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Generative Design

NX 12 combines tools for design optimization, advanced geometry creation, freeform and parametric design with the ability to model mesh geometry.

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Design for Additive Manufacturing

NX 12 delivers new approaches to design for additive manufacturing including the ability to add lattice.

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NX 12 for Manufacturing

Digitalize part manufacturing with integrated software tools for CNC machining, robotics, and 3D printing

NX 12 for Manufacturing

Digitalize part manufacturing

NX 12 for Manufacturing introducess the next generation of software tools for CNC machining, additive manufacturing, and robotics to enable the digitalization of part manufacturing within a single, integrated, end-to-end system.


Advanced capabilities in NX CAM 12 for mold and die machining, production machining and complex parts machining provide powerful advantages. Adaptive Milling is a new high-speed cutting strategy that reduces machining cycles by up to 60 percent. And, a new Tube Milling operation drastically simplifies 5-axis programming of complex features, including ports of engine blocks and shrouded blisks.

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NX Additive Manufacturing 12

Additive manufacturing capabilities in NX 12 include robust capabilities for industrial production of 3D printed parts, all within the NX environment. Engineers can quickly set up build trays, automatically nest parts, design support structures, and create machine-specific output to drive industrial printers, including powder bed and HP Multi Jet Fusion printers.

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NX Tooling Design 12

Tooling manufacturers can now automatically and accurately determine tooling production costs using the new integrated capabilities of Siemens PLM Software’s solutions. The digitalized process, from part design to tooling cost estimate, can replace the time-consuming manual job tasks. This gives tool manufacturers a unique advantage in this highly-competitive industry.

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Simcenter 3D v12

Simcenter 3D v12 looks to revolutionize how simulation engineers can help drive design direction.

What’s New in Simcenter 3D

Technology Integration

Your products experience a broad array of physical phenomena every day from the forces they withstand, the heat they operate in, the sound they produce, and the inertia they feel. To accurately predict behavior of your products, you need to be able to simulate all of these phenomena – even when they are interacting. This latest release of Simcenter 3D expands and deepens the level of simulation technology available within the unified, scalable, open and extensible environment.

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Supporting Generative Design

Simulation is at the heart of generative design. Results from a number of different simulations help you explore and define the design space for your product. Simcenter 3D continues to be at the forefront of generative design though integration with design exploration and new capabilities that help you generate innovative, lightweight designs faster.

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Enhanced Industry Workflows

The expansion and integration of new technologies into Simcenter 3D enhances industry-specific applications. For example, airframe engineers can introduce submechanisms, like landing gear assemblies, into the full aircraft mechanism. Additionally, new universal connections help auto engineers efficiently create multiple variants of the same finite element assembly for different types of analyses like NVH, crash, durability.

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Expanded Nonlinear Solutions

To simulate real-world conditions, you usually need a powerful nonlinear-based solver. A major focus for this Simcenter 3D release was broadening the nonlinear capabilities and solutions in NX Nastran and LMS Samtech Samcef.

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