NX Continuous Release

Siemens PLM Software will begin delivering its NX software product using a Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. This new delivery model will give our customers faster access to new enhancements and quality improvements, while reducing the efforts needed to effectively deploy NX.

Siemens will become the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendor to deliver products in this way.

NX is built on a modern software architecture, developed with a business focus on delivering new functionality while protecting customer data. The new approach will enable Siemens’ NX  customers to:

  • Receive functional  enhancements faster to help boost productivity
  • Have a predictable schedule for updates to better plan for the adoption of new technologies
  • Be responsive to new ideas and trends
  • Reduce deployment cost
  • Faster, more consistent response from NX development vs. release dependent hotfixes
  • Continued focus on release quality and deployment

Starting January 2019 there will be no more versions of NX but a continuous release.

Every 6 months a new version will be automatically installed (or manually, as choosed).

With every new NX update there’s no need to upgrade the Teamcenter integration.

Deployment steps going forward

Continuous Release:

  • Regular easy steps
  • Same low effort for an enhancement release as a maintenance release
  • No distinction between types of releases
  • No Teamcenter upgrade necessary for supported Teamcenter versions when upgrading NX
  • Deploying productivity enhancements up to six times faster


NX continuous release strategy

What is Changing?

  • Major functional enhancement releases target every ~6 months with update releases each month
  • Incorporate agile development principles
  • Deliver tools to help with NX upgrades
  • Removed need to upgrade Teamcenter when upgrading NX
  • Enhanced internal auto-test framework to further improve quality

Customer Benefits

  • Improved speed of adopting new functionality
  • Reduced deployment costs
  • Increased responsiveness to new ideas and trends

NX installation utility enhancements

What is Changing?

  • Introduce new methodology to install, deploy and deliver continuous updates which will enable continuous improvement and user productivity
  • Remove differences between current NX installation approach for enhancement release, maintenance release, maintenance pack (all are different today)
  • Support both manual download/install and automatic download/install
  • NX Install Configurator / Modular Installation

Customer Value

  • End-to-end solution for installing and configuring NX
  • Ease of NX upgrade
  • Single seamless distribution - initial installs, updates, patches and security fixes