Bringing Product Analytics into the 3D Design Process

Product and process data have traditionally been presented to the user within a collection of methods (indented tree lists, reports and charts), requiring the user to examine key business and program data separately from its associated 3D representation. NX™ HD3D Visual Reporting software blends information of interest from your company’s data sources directly into the 3D product design environment. This helps users make easier unambiguous assessments, interpret information more accurately and synthesize product and process data rapidly into correct design decisions.

HD3D ;

  • Transforms your information into effective decision making within the 3D product development environment.
  • Correlates information from multiple disjointed data sources into a single visual interactive environment that delivers product analytics directly to your design teams.
  • Alleviates the process of navigation through large product structures, numerous component relationships and long query results, working seamlessly with NX assembly tools.
  • Shortens the process of information consumption and interpretation, and ultimately boosts productive information analysis and understanding.

HD3D Visual Reporting provides 3D analytics from company data sources to improve decision-making.