Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process – 3D design, simulation, manufacturing, design management and more. Solid Edge combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design – made possible with synchronous technology Solid Edge is a 3D design system that uses synchronous technology to accelerate design, make revisions faster, and enable better reuse. With 2D drafting, 3D part and assembly modeling, Solid Edge helps companies uniquely design better.

Some of the advantages Solid Edge provides:

  • Fast and flexible 3D modeling with Synchronous Technology
  • Easy to design assemblies and manage part relationships, whether you’re dealing with a few components or hundreds of thousands of parts
  • Advanced Sheet Metal Design
  • innovative set of capabilities for the 2D documentation process, quick and easy creation o fproduction-ready drafting and documentation.
  • Improved Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Photo-Realistic Rendering
  • Unmatched Design Mobility with usage3 of Microsoft Surface™ Pro